AKF pledges to support farmers to ensure food security

The African Kingdom Federation (AKF) has pledged to support the agricultural sector especially farmers to ensure food security for many Ghanaians.

Supporting food security

The maiden investment plan dubbed, “Project VII Phoenix Agenda,” would see AKF invest an initial capital of $2 million dollars to provide financial assistance for farmers to help them boost productivity.

Queen Sheba III, the Imperial Head of the African Kingdom Federation, speaking at the launch of the project via Zoom, said the project targeted the simultaneous development of the African continent, considering its vast resources.

“As a Kingdom, we don’t get involved in politics but we do help in the development of the people. As one of the great forefathers of Ghana’s history, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah once said, ‘Forward ever, backward never.”

“This statement is very crucial in chattering our way towards development and we have massive potential and resources to achieve development across the continent,” she said.

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Queen Sheba III noted that it was imperative to capitalize on technology to improve farming and they had put in place teams in the country to help facilitate the process.

Mr. Kwesi Abakah-Quansah, Deputy Director at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, in his address, welcomed the initiative which he said was in line with the government’s “Planting for Food and Jobs” programme.

“We are delighted about AKF’s commitment to helping Ghana’s agricultural sector especially by supporting our local fαrmers.

“We would avail ourselves of any kind of technical support to our fαrmers who are primary producers and we are prepared for the rolling out of this project,” he said.

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About African Kingdom Federation

The Federation is formed by the Nubia-Sheba African Royal Kingdoms Nations Union of the African Union Nations.

It is similar in internal infrastructure and make-up to the African Union, which is formed by a Federation of African Nations Governments and similar to the USA which is formed by a Federation of States Union.

Federation of African Union Nations (AU) and the Federation of African Kingdoms Nations (AKF) brief Information Comparison

The Head of African Kingdoms Federation Union Sheba Throne Central Government is the Arab-African Nations / Africa-Eurasia Sheba Throne-head of the South Union, the Queen Of Sheba of The Queendom of Sheba, Africa.

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The centuries-old African Continent Royal Kingdoms Federation-A.K.F was reformed in 1962, in 2000 and further expanded in September 2007 by Federation Nations Southern Arabia ancestral lines Sheba and dual descendent SEBA Kingdoms of Nubia-Kush African Continent Nations Kingdoms bloodlines of the Throne of Sheba, formed by the descendants of the ancient Nubia-Egypt Empires and Royal Kingdoms, covering the African Continent.

Forming one unified African Kingdoms Federation of Kingdoms and Tribal Nations, of the African Nubia-Sheba Imperial Matriarchal Empire ancestral to the Kingdom of Sheba, as an integral part of the Federation of The South, Union.

The African Nubian Kingdoms Nation Kingdoms hundreds of internal Chiefdoms, collectively form the Supreme Assembly of the Kingdoms Federation (representing the respective Kingdoms and Kingdoms Tribal Nations of the African Continent).

The AKF-African Kingdoms Federation registered in 2002 its established NGO IHF-Imperial House Foundation Africa which was formalized in 2004, expanded IHF-USA in 2004, and Incorporated in Africa in 2007.

During 2008/9, IHF-USA was closed. In 2009, IHF Africa launched ‘its centuries-old traditional internal African Kingdoms community Nubia-Sheba ‘African Royal Kingdoms – ARK, and the ARC Of Nubia head-quarters and NGO Support Social Community Network Platform for the Federation’s commissioned PVIIP-OIL Agenda of IHF-Africa.

In 2018 IHF Africa was revised to Crown Imperial House Foundation CIHF and with the Queendom focus on one objective, the Project VII Phoenix (PVIIP), Agenda.

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