Adu Safowah, new body of Adu Safowah

Body wrongly fixed: Ghanaians react to new body of Adu Safowah

Adu Safowah, an actress, has been posting images of her voluptuous physique on Instagram, many of which, according to her followers, the new body of Adu Safowah has been digitally altered.

Once again, the hugely endowed hips of Adu Sarfowaah—who calls herself “the toughest female in the game”—have made headlines.

The actress Safowah had earlier shared a slew of picture teasers in front of her forthcoming birthday on September 9 which is today.

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Adu Safowah, new body of Adu Safowah

Social media users responded to her publishing by commenting on her ‘improved’ body form and suggesting that she had plastic surgery in order to achieve her desirable body type.

Someone said that she seems to have a snatched waist now more so than previously.

But the truth is that some of her images were improperly edited, and the internet chimed in on that, too.

Check out photos showing the new body of Adu Safowah below:

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Here are some SCREENSHOTS of reactions from Adu Safowaah’s followers.

Adu Safowah, actress Adu Sarfowaah
Actress Adu Safowah

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Adu Safowah
Adu Safowah


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