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Bridget Otoo allegedly getting married to Abena Korkor’s ex-boyfriend today

According to the information posted by a well-known Instagram blogger, and television host, Bridget Otoo and Abena Korkor’s ex-boyfriend are getting married soon.

As you may remember, the Ghanaian mental advocate, Abena Korkor accused her alleged ex-boyfriend, Dr. Evans Ago Tetteh, of cheating on her.

Abena Korkor claims that she chose to end her relationship with him because he wasn’t providing her the attention she required.

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Bridget Otoo, Abena Korkor
Bridget Otoo

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In one of her videos, she said, “I was very truthful to you. Even when you were not giving me attention, I told you I didn’t sign up for this so I am getting somebody else and you thought you will go and get my look-alike Bridget Otoo.”

“Me I don’t even like short men but I thought you had sense, considered you because you were my senior, I considered you because you had a Methodist background,” she said in a video posted on her Instagram page.

A recent development involves the claim made by blogger Aba the Great that Metro TV presenter, Bridget Otoo is purportedly getting married to Abena Korkor’s ex-boyfriend.

She wrote, “I hear Bridget is getting married to Evans tomorrow.😉”

Bridget Otoo, Abena Korkor
Abena Korkor

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Meanwhile, in other news, seasoned radio host Sammy Adu Boakye of Kessben Media has advised young people thinking about marriage to have backup or contingency plans.

The host of Kessben FM’s Church Bells advises couples to plan their weddings with extra caution in order to avoid being caught off guard, especially at the last minute.

According to Sammy Boakye, when you’re a young man or woman getting ready to get married, you should have at least 3 options available to you in case of an emergency.

In a Facebook post he made, it reads;

“As a young man or woman, once u make up your mind to marry, make sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Be strategic so u are not caught….Have at least three to choose from. A very serious one, a semi-serious one, and a casual one. … This is hard truth no one will tell u.”

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