China becomes largest global exporter of fresh apples for two years in a row
China becomes largest global exporter of fresh apples for two years in a row

China becomes largest global exporter of fresh apples for two years in a row

China is now the largest global exporter of fresh apples and it has done this for two years in a row, supplying more than 1 million tonnes to foreign markets. This is according to EastFruit analysts.

Largest global exporter of fresh apples

Available data shows that apple exports from China in 2021 increased by 2% and reached 1.08 million tonnes.

Notwithstanding, China’s apple export volumes are far from the record levels of 2016-2017.

The Asian nation steadily exported more than 1.3 million tonnes of apples annually, at that time, and a record volume of 1.35 million tonnes was exported from China in 2016.

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Looking at the data, this was followed by a decline in exports due to growing competition in global markets and growing domestic demand for apples in China itself.

On the other hand, Vietnam became the largest apple importer from China for the first time in 2021. China exported more than 180 000 tonnes of fresh apples to Vietnam, 13% more than in 2020.

Interestingly, EastFruit analysts in 2021 drew attention to the fact that Vietnam literally burst into the ranks of global leaders in the import of fresh apples.

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China becomes largest global exporter of fresh apples for two years in a row
China exported more than 1 million tonnes of fresh apples for two years in a row thanks to the opening of new markets

Vietnam should become one of the priorities for Ukraine in the apple export segment, but first, it is necessary for the government to agree on access to this market.

You can see how China rose to the top of the global ranking of apple exporters, and who overtook it in our video “Race for the global leadership in exports. Rating of the largest apple exporting countries in the world.”

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The second priority market for Chinese apples was Bangladesh, where only a little less apples were exported than to Vietnam. The two countries accounted for one-third of all apple exports from China.

China exported more than 100 000 tonnes of apples to three more countries: the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. Exports of Chinese apples to Indonesia grew the most – by 19%.

It is also necessary to note other sales markets that were the fastest-growing apple imports from China: Nepal increased imports over the year by an impressive 80% and brought it to almost 79 000 tonnes, Malaysia – by 12% and Mongolia – by 28%.

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Among the countries that bought relatively small volumes, apple exports from China to Guinea and the Maldives increased very sharply.

Noteworthy, China even exported 74 tonnes of apples to Italy, which is one of China’s main competitors in the global apple market!

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