Modern agriculture
Modern agriculture in China

Modern agriculture helps develop rural areas in China

Taitoushan Town, Hebei uses its location and climate advantages to vigorously develop modern agriculture, increase agricultural economy, and help rural revitalization.

Recently, in the greenhouse of Miaoxin Planting Cooperative Park in Taitoushan Community, cherry blossoms bloom, and workers conduct artificial pollination.

The general manager of the Cooperative said, “The output of big cherries last year was about 40,000 kg, and it is expected to reach about 40,000kg this year.”

Modern agriculture
Modern agriculture in China

They are mainly sold to some supermarkets in various counties and cities in Chengde, as well as Beijing and Gaobeidian City. Usually, there are some online orders and retail customers.

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The first batch of big cherries can be put on the market at the beginning of March every year, and the price is 240-300RMB/kg.

“The Cooperative has 58 greenhouses, of which 36 are big cherry greenhouses, and the others are vegetable and mushroom greenhouses.”

Modern agriculture in rural areas of China

In recent years, Taitoushan Town has insisted on taking the characteristic agricultural industry as a key industry and has realized diversified cultivation modes.

Six technical models have been promoted, including cultivation of tomatoes in cold greenhouses during summer, cultivation of winter-and-spring-produced cucumbers with cropping tomatoes during summer in the greenhouse, green peppers-beans, and cucumbers in greenhouses-ginger cultivation in summer, which greatly improved the land-use efficiency and economic benefits.

Modern agriculture, China,
Agriculture in rural areas of China

The variety of vegetable cultivation is gradually diversified, which fully solves the problem of continuous vegetable cropping arrangements.

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At the same time, the industrial concepts of standardized production, large-scale operation, branded marketing, and market-based financing are integrated into all links of agricultural production.

To establish high-quality demonstration parks, promote the gradual development of vegetable production in the direction of scale and intensification, accelerate the upgrading of the facility vegetable industry in terms of scale, output, and efficiency, and gradually become a characteristic leading industry supporting the economy.

Taitoushan Town’s Deputy Mayor said, “By the end of 2021, the town’s scale of protected agriculture has exceeded 1000 hectares, including nearly 6,000 greenhouses and 28 parks over 2 hectares.

Especially in the past two years, the facility horticulture industry has played a major role in supporting the industry.

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