Farmers advised to seek the right agricultural knowledge

Farmers advised to seek the right agricultural knowledge

Mr. Victor Avah, the Ada-East District Director of Agriculture, has advised farmers to seek the right agricultural knowledge on their activities for more sustainable agriculture practices.

He said a farmer’s understanding of agricultural activities and the environment had the potential to influence farm economic performance.

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Nectar2Honey solutions, Farmers advised to seek the right agricultural knowledge

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Mr Avah, who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Ada, said lack of knowledge prevented many important decisions that would drive efficiencies through the agricultural value chain.

He said knowledge of the best farming practices would indirectly impact food quality food production.

Farmers advised to seek the right agricultural knowledge

He noted that the integration of various knowledge sources and learning forms was key to surviving, developing, and prospering in modern agriculture.

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The Ada-East District Agriculture Director explained that where farmers were faced with challenges, they must immediately seek help to solve the situation.

Nectar2Honey solutions, farmers, sustainable agriculture practices

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Mr Avah advised farmers to get closer to the District Agricultural Directorates for advice on the challenges.

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