Food Production: Ghanaian farmers schooled on Messiah Organic fertilizer

Farmers of Nsawam-Adoagyiri Municipality have been schooled on Messiah Organics Chain farming products at a day’s workshop to enable them to produce more for domestic consumption and export.

The workshop, attended by 50 participants with some officials from the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) and the Ministry of Agriculture and was organized by Nana Dwomoh Doyan, the Chief Executive Officer of Messiah Organics Chain of Ghana.

The farmers were taken through soil saving, the application of the Messiah Organic fertilizer and pesticides, usage of microbes to improve agricultural production, and the harmful effects of chemical fertilisers.

Mr John Kupagme, a Ph.D. Students in Mycology of the University of Tartu, Estonia, and the Head of Research at Messiah Organics Chain educated the participants on how to create a relationship between the root structure of plants and certain fungus to aid in nutrients absorption.

This, he said, can eliminate the usage of chemical fertilizers.

Mr Kupagme said Messiah Organic Chain fertilizer is an organic fertilizer called ‘Agrodyke’, and it is good for all crops.

He said excessive use of chemical fertilizer can contribute to crop tip browning, lower leaf yellowing, wilting and crop lodging, adding that; “When fertilizer scorches roots, the root may blacken and go limp. All these symptoms occur due to salt accumulation in the soil, which would cause difficulty in water absorption by plants.”

Mr Kupagme said the youth should be encouraged to enter into farming ventures after their education to enable them to make a decent living.

He called on the participants, especially the NADMO and the agriculture personnel to impart what they have learnt at the workshop to farming communities for them to patronize the Messiah Organics Chain products to increase their production.

Mr Wisdom King Adukpo, the Chairman of Tiwala Market Company gave the farmers assurance that the company was ready to purchase quality products from them for export to enable the country to earn foreign exchange for development.

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