Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, SKT Aeroshutter

Ghana Atomic Energy Commission signs MoU with SKT Aeroshutter Limited to undertake projects

The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with SKT Aeroshutter Limited at the premises of GAEC, which enjoins the parties to undertake projects in furtherance of Ghana’s Nuclear Power Programme.

Professor B. J. B. Nyarko, the Director General of GAEC, and Mr. Francis Owusu, Chief Executive Officer of SKT Aeroshutter Limited, represented and signed on behalf of GAEC and SKT Aeroshutter Limited respectively.

Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, SKT Aeroshutter
The Director General of GAEC, B.J.B Nyarko (L) shares a copy of the signed MOU to the CEO of SKT Aeroshutter Limited, Francis Owusu (R). | Photo Credit: E. Akaho

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The MoU specifically aims at, among other things, synergizing aerial surveys and photogrammetry with the use of drones, using artificial intelligence in data processing, applying geospatial analysis, and undertaking feasibility studies in the advancement of Ghana’s Nuclear Power Programme.

The MoU also creates room for SKT Aeroshutter Limited and GAEC to jointly undertake proposed projects within the public and private sectors.

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GAEC is expected to deliver on the terms of the MoU through the Nuclear Power Institute (NPI), which is responsible for the technical oversight of Ghana’s Nuclear Power Programme.

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Mr. Francis Owusu expressed his appreciation for the collaboration and emphasized that the collaboration stands the potential of yielding positive strides for both parties.

Professor B. J. B. Nyarko expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, stating that the collaboration was a step in the right direction and has strong prospects of closing the technology gap in Ghana.

He urged the parties to endeavor to operationalize the MoU for the socio-economic development of the nation.

SKT Aeroshutter
Group Photo of both delegations during the MOU signing. | Photo Credit: E. Akaho

Ghana Atomic Energy Commission

The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission is the sole Agency in Ghana responsible for all matters relating to peaceful uses of atomic energy.

The Act that established GAEC was amended mainly to enable it to create other institutes under the Commission. This amendment resulted in the creation of two other Institutes in addition to the National Nuclear Research Institute (NNRI) formerly Kwame Nkrumah Nuclear Research Institute (KNNRI).

The two Institutes are the Radiation Protection Institute and the Biotechnology and Nuclear Agriculture Research Institute (BNARI).

The founding Act 204 of 1963 has been superseded by Act 588 of 2000 to make provision for GAEC to undertake commercialisation of its research and development results.

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The functions of the Commission as prescribed in Act 588 of 2000 are:
  • To make proposals to the Government for Legislation in the field of nuclear radiation and radioactive waste management.
  • To advise the Government on questions relating to nuclear energy, science and technology.
  • To establish, for the purpose of research and in furtherance of its functions, Institutes of the Commission and to exercise control over the boards of management of the Institute.
  • To encourage and promote the commercialisation of research and development results through its Institutes.
  • To supervise the carrying out of all requirements designed to secure the safety and health of radiation workers and the environment.
  • To engage in research and development activities, as well as in the publication and dissemination of research findings and other useful technical information.
  • To oversee and facilitate the development of human resources in the fields of nuclear science and technology, and to promote the training of scientific, technical and non-scientific personnel of the Commission.
  • To maintain relations with the International Atomic Energy Agency and other similar international and national organisations on matters of research and development of nuclear energy and nuclear technology.

To collaborate with Universities and Research Institutes for the purpose of conducting research into matters connected with the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and technology.

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About SKT Aeroshutter

SKT Aeroshutter is a licensed drone operator in West Africa headquartered in Ghana. With over 6 years of experience it specializes in data acquisition for specialized industries in Africa. The company also re-designs and develops UAVs for specific applications.

Working together with their partners in France, the Netherlands and China, their team consists of aeronautic and geomatic engineers, pilot technicians, software engineers and UAV manufacturers.


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