Ghanaian and Italian agribusinesses anticipate proactive partnerships after agribusiness Digital Lab

Ghanaian and Italian agribusiness firms have held promising business-to-business (B2B) meetings through the Ghana-Italy Agribusiness Digital Lab, organized by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) virtually.

Over 50 Ghanaian-led agro companies participated in the meetings with a focus on having in-depth knowledge on Italian Agricultural Machinery; Cold Chain and Logistics; Seeds, Greenhouse and Irrigation; and Sorting, Processing, and Packaging.

Italy has been noted as a pioneer in these agribusiness arenas, the Digital Lab presented their finest kinds in the sector.

This gave fruitful and promising opportunities for commercial partnership with these Italian experts by the Ghanaian agro companies.

The virtual B2B meeting was a gold-mined opportunity given. Eric Kwabena Agyei of 3E Farms and Foods affirmed this after going through difficult times putting up such a great program.

“Italian machinery technology is the best in the world and is second to none. On any day we shall go for Italian technology. Fortunately, it has proven itself over the years,” he confirmed.

The CEO of the Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana, Anthony Morrison commended the organizers for such a great opportunity presented to the sector.

According to him, Italian technologies are robust and sustainable that Africa and Ghana should adopt. The technology shows more superior quality and advantage over some of the known technologies.

He confirmed that companies are also willing to provide some level of skills training for prospective Ghanaian agribusinesses.

Looking ahead to the future partnerships, he added they are looking forward to sealing a business with two or more companies from Italy and hoping to visit about 4 prospective companies once the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

The products and services being offered by the Italian companies are excellent and timely in the agriculture and agribusiness sector, and in the entire value chain from production through to manufacturing to trade.

Lucy Kyerede Quainoo, the Co-founder of the Agribusiness Value Chain Federation mentioned this at the Digital Lab.

She observed that there are opportunities for collaborating with all three companies she spoke with and looks forward to furthering engagements.”

Alessandro Gerbino, the ITA Director for West Africa, mentioned that Italy has a lot to offer Ghana’s agribusiness market, from technology solutions to skills transfer and training.

The reason for organizing the Digital Lab is to serve as a platform to deepen engagement between the two countries’ agribusiness sectors and make Italian technologies easily accessible to the Ghanaian market.

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