Ghanaian Fishbowl Challenge winner to reduce Africa’s post-harvest losses?

Ghanaian undergraduate at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Mathias Charles Yabe who won the second edition of the Fishbowl Challenge, is on a quest to eliminate post-harvest losses in Ghana and, eventually, Africa.

Affirming his belief in the possibility of solving complex issues, he said, “Successfully going through the various elimination rounds and winning the Fishbowl Challenge has reaffirmed my belief that developing complex issues to our world’s problems through global collaboration is highly possible.”

He also added that he is looking forward to helping smallholder farmers reduce post harvest losses In Ghana and Africa!

The Fishbowl Challenge is a global entrepreneurship competition created by former Google executives and business leaders to put university students from all over the world together to solve some of the world’s most challenging social and environmental problems.

The Undergraduate is currently studying Design Communications at KNUST and a member of Enactus, an international organization that brings students together to leverage entrepreneurial actions to transform lives.

He has been actively involved in volunteering activities and social impact projects in his community and school for the past three years.

Ghana’s agricultural sector will boom, and post-harvest losses will be a thing of the past thanks to #AkoFresh.

AkoFresh is a three-person startup founded by a Ghanaian, a Finnish, and an Indian with the aim of eliminating post-harvest loss in Ghana and, ultimately , Africa.

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