hotel cleaner, hotel, pregnant

Hotel cleaner gets pregnant for a millionaire through used c0nd0m in thrash, makes fortune out

A hotel cleaner took a used condom by a millionaire from the thrash and introduced it in her vagina in order to get pregnant

In the USA a cleaning lady steals sperm and makes a fortune in compensation through a used condom and wins the battle for child support!

Jane was 36 when she stole a used condom in the trash from a 24-year-old millionaire technician at a Las Vegas Hotel.

She inserted the sperm into her vagina and got pregnant with a little boy who is now 4.

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At the child support hearing, Jane confessed that she had never slept with the young millionaire and that she had soaked herself with his sperm while cleaning his room.

Hotel Cleaner

hotel cleaner, hotel, pregnant

The paternity test is done and the young milionaire is the father.

The court ordered him to pay $2 million for his son’s 3 years of life.

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Even though the young man has filed legal action against the mother for stealing her bodily fluids and violating her privacy.

Meanwhile, Jane quit her job as a janitor and started some businesses with her new fortune. And she still has full custody of her son.


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