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‘I speak of a better society’ author responds to critics of publicizing his PhD degree feat

The author of “I speak of a better society” has responded to his critics of publicizing his PhD degree feat on social media.

Dr Albert Kobina Mensah, who recently published his book on better society for all, is known for sharing his thought on public issues, especially the social canker corruption. He also shares new knowledge from the academic world.

The I speak of a better society

I speak of a better society book by Dr Albert Kobina Mensah

A few days ago, he obtained his PhD degree from the Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany. This is a feat many people across the globe celebrate and Dr Mensah is not an exception. How people celebrate this achievement depends on the individual.

Dr Mensah decided to celebrate with his followers on social media. This has received mixed reactions from family, friends and the general public.

Many people celebrated with him with various congratulatory messages. Little did he know others will not be happy about this great achievement.

An unknown person to us sent this to him, “I have been observing and following your post for a long time and I don’t have anything against you. … I only thought this your Dr and PhD issues can wait until we finish celebrating the holidays. …don’t look down on people because you have attained a PhD … for no one knows tomorrow.”

As usually, Dr Mensah decided to share on his Facebook wall with the caption “Ewiase y3 hu oo🤭! Chalei, the thing over me and I’m weak mpo!”

Before sharing this post he decided to react to the fellow’s comment at the blind side of his followers. It seems he could help but to share the comment made by his critics.

Below is what he wrote prior to sharing the screenshot of the hater.

Dr Albert Kobena Mensah writes …

People flaunt their cars, houses, homes, kids, boy/girlfriends, wives, husbands, some show their fine asses and heavy chests, and many hail them here!

People steal states’ resources, live ostentatious lifestyles at the detriment of the very poor and we glorify them here! We love thieves here! We show no girl/woman on our timeline or any of these!

We deliberately filter and show you only one thing small: there is joy and fulfilment in achieving academic laurels through the honest way and by working for it! And people run helter-skelter and are thrown into a state of pandemonium!

From Cape Coast in Ghana to Nairobi in Kenya curved through Arusha in Tanzania, finished in Bochum, Germany! You got no idea, I’m brewed in an African-European pot and I’m just not your regular Ghanaian!

Depressions, sickness on hospital beds, heartbreaks, betrayals, long stays in the lab, in the field, in the gardens, in the office, so much of reading, analyzing complicated data, writings, discussing, reviewing, presenting at conferences, travelling, self motivation, they happened as a cocktail, and you just don’t wish to be me, they can kill and may be fatal! It’s not been jokes and achieved by lying on the bed!

I speak of a better society
Dr Albert Kobina Mensah

Our palm kernels have not been cracked for us by some benevolent spirits, we cracked them by ourselves- we got so much results out there for all see! In the end, we smile not because we are here to shift many paradigms and make all haters of the truth feel so much uneasy!

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Bitterness and hatred are heavy burdens for one to carry! I’m not interested in awards or fame! I believe in working for what I want and earning it, I go for it! I’m into competition with myself and I challenge myself every day to be a better person!

I work for the things I have and I neither cut corners nor cheat to get the things I possess! Unlike many whose palm kernels were cracked for them by some benevolent spirits, we cracked our own palm kernels and started life from zero!

Unlike many whose parents were rich and provided them with a formidable foundation, I have built everything on my own, with my own resources, and I hardly borrow from others!

When I build, I do so with my own strengths – financially and what my strengths can accommodate! If I can’t, I won’t kill myself! I envy no one and I don’t have a role model, I’m my own motivation!

When I win, it makes me feel good and makes me happy! When I get into difficulties at a point, I ask for assistance from my very close network and circle, and quickly pay back as soon as I get the money!

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I detest owing! Interestingly, I have impacted, helped and mentored so many people, who in turn betrayed me and painted me ugly to others and in my absence, but that’s fine, I don’t go about asking and arguing, I deliberately cut such relationships off!

In fact, I see myself as a failure the moment I’m not able to afford things and have to ask for financial help from others! Because of this, I live a life of modesty and a highly independent life!

I don’t like it when I use things not mine and have to borrow them! I’m in no competition with anyone, if one gets there first, I’m happy for him her and wish him her the very best, I’m walking at my own pace and I’m not in hurry to go anywhere!

I have deliberately learnt so much and continuously keep working on myself to be a better person for my own self, to make myself happy and be in a position to affect the larger society!

Living, studying and working in countries other than my own, I have seen so much! And after travelling to many countries, there are so many nuggets of lessons I have picked for life and making humanity better!

These, among other things, are the reasons why #I_Speak_of_A_Better_Society!

I speak of a better society

Have you ordered yourself a copy yet? If not, kindly do so! They look so clean and you will love the nuggets of wisdom and knowledge shared there towards creating a better society fair and just for our citizens in Africa!

It is available on amazon 

I speak of a better society
I speak of a better society book is available for sale

Dr Albert Kobina Mensah holds a B.Sc. degree from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, an M.Sc. from the Kenyatta University in Kenya and he is a Doctoral Researcher at the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany.

Albert is an environmental soil scientist by profession. He has published more than 20 refereed scientific articles in these areas and has more than 20 selected media and feature articles on a better society.

He has experience in public policy advocacy and has spoken on several media platforms in Ghana on better society and artisanal and small-scale mining sustainability.

Albert is the founding president of Centre for Better Society Advocacy and Research Africa (CEBSAR-AFRICA), a not-for-profit Think Tank that focuses on research and advocacy on paradigm shifts and best-alternative options for a better society.

Albert is a Senior Research Fellow and Second Vice President of the Institute of Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI-GHANA), a policy Think Tank on liberty and free market in Ghana.

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