International buyers commit $8.5 million to secure Brazilian produce
Brazilian fruits

International buyers commit $8.5 million to secure Brazilian produce

International buyers committed to securing Brazilian produce. As a result, a trade deal of $8.5 million is forecast for 2023. This was the initial balance sheet of the fresh fruit business round, concluded last Friday 18 November in Petrolina, Brazil.

The two days of business importer investment meetings as well as visits to farms brought together 12 buyers from 9 countries and 14 national selling companies who met with Brazilian producers and exporters.

Conducted by the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), in partnership with Valexport and the Petroleum Prefecture, the round of business brought to the San Francisco Valley buyers from countries, who are already clients, such as France, Spain, England, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the United States, plus importers who came by for the first time in the region such as Lithuania, Poland and Sweden.

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Stephen Redfern, a buyer from England who attended meetings with all selling companies concluded sales agreements to purchase grapes early next December.

“We have already bought 3 thousand tons of grapes annually from the San Francisco Valley and now we intend to expand this number with the contacts made in the round,” he pointed out.

According to one of the sales representatives, Alana Menezes, the balance for the San Francisco Valley fruit growers was extremely positive.

“Meetings with buyers were objective and after sitting with representatives of major fruit-importing countries, we concluded this meeting with the best prospects of increasing our exports mainly of mango and u go by 2023.”

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For Apex business analyst in Europe, Analisa Volse, the business round results exceeded expectations. “We had two intense days with more than 150 meetings that will provide for the implementation and expansion of international business, enabling new growth opportunities for regional fruit farming,” he emphasized.

The analyst added that international buyers also made technical visits to fruit producing companies in the region.

Part of the programming of the National Irrigated Agriculture Fair (Fenagri), which was postponed to the period from August 9 to 12 next year, the fresh fruit business round, according to the Petroleum Economic Development Executive Secretary and Fenagri 2023 coordinator, Thiago Brito, will be reissued during the fair in anticipation of great business for fruit growers and buyers all over the world.

Sharing from the same perspective, the executive manager of Valexport, Tássio Lustosa, advised: “Contacts are already being made for the format of the meeting agenda, targeting the marketing of mango, grape and also other fruits, for example, lemon, papaya, melon, pineapple, acerola, and passion fruit.”


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