Italian companies in sorting, processing, and packaging ready for partnerships

Sorting, processing, and packaging are critical stages in agro-industrial production, requiring the best available technological systems and products supplied by the most specialized and experienced companies in the world.

Lately, an increasing number of agro-industry companies in Ghana and in Africa are looking for solutions from Italy, as Made in Italy machinery is well known for its reliability and high standards, allowing producers to improve their performance with consistency and quality output.

To respond to such growing interest, the Italian Trade Agency in Ghana is set to bring to the country through the Ghana-Italy Agribusiness Digital Lab project, major Italian companies in sorting, processing, and packaging to exhibit their expertise to Ghanaian agribusiness operators in the food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and other agro-processing sectors.

On display, there will be technologies for sorting of ingredients and raw materials, food processing and preservation, and fresh and safe packaging of produce. Most of these technologies are turnkey and developed to suit customer needs and specifications.

Through the Digital Lab which is slated for June 22, the exhibiting Italian companies will conduct virtual B2B meetings with Ghanaian agribusiness companies under the auspices of the Italian Trade Agency.

The meetings will be hosted on a dedicated portal,, where interested Ghanaian agribusiness firms can register for participation.

The following companies engaged in the business of sorting, processing, and packaging will take part in the B2B session and are ready to connect with firms along Ghana’s agribusiness value chain for mutually beneficial partnerships:

Systems for extraction Agrenta
Agrenta develops and manufactures natural flavours, vegetable extracts, and functional food ingredients to give food products an extra touch, a taste experience, or added functional benefits inspired by nature.

It designs production protocols and systems for the extraction of active ingredients from plants, herbs, and other vegetable sources, starting from laboratory to commercial scale.

Working with public institutions, research centers, and non-profit organizations, Agrenta actively promotes the development of human capital in the territories and rural communities in which it operates.

Raw materials handling Agriflex
Agriflex is an Italian manufacturing leader in raw materials handling for the food industry. The company designs manufacture and install systems for storing, conveying, dosing, and automatically controlling solid and liquid micro and macro raw materials.

It is the go-to brand for bespoke solutions for raw materials processing by producers or agro-businesses that are into value addition for products such as bread, pasta, confectionery, etc.

At Agriflex, every system is specifically designed to meet the customer’s needs, from the initial concept to design, manufacturing and installation.

De Lorenzo S.p.A.
De Lorenzo is a 51-year-old leading Italian company in the design, development, and production of technical and vocational training equipment in various fields including food technology.

Thanks to its wide experience gained over the years, De Lorenzo is able to provide suitable solutions through the supply of small-scale food plants designed to provide knowledge and expertise on food processing technology related to fruit, vegetables, and milk.

Clients and users are able to observe a complete production cycle and work on a wide range of machines through the hands-on practice of individual operations such as washing, mixing, separating, extracting, etc.

Studio Tecnico Appiani srl
Studio Tecnico Appiani is an Italian company with more than 20 years of worldwide experience specializing in the engineering, supply, and turnkey manufacture of hydrothermal processing plants for the main cereals, mainly focused on parboiled rice, with almost 5 technologies in its portfolio.

The company has installed parboiling plants worldwide, including in Thailand, Bangladesh, India, China, Africa, and South America.

Thanks to the growth of the international market and the increasing demanding for new processes, the company has studied new lines for the production of quick-cooking rice, precooked cereals, and pulses lines to reduce the final cooking time of the products, saving household time.

Tropical Food Machinery SRL Unipersonale
Tropical Food Machinery (TFM) designs and manufactures complete plants for fruit and tomato processing. It develops a range of “turn-key” lines, from receiving to filling, with a capacity ranging from 200 kg/h to 50 t/h, for large industries and for small producers and cooperatives.

The production is tailor-made to suit the customer’s needs and the improvements made on the field are integrated into the new projects.

TFM deals with the construction and commissioning of the machinery without intermediaries. This verticalization of the production guarantees control over quality and unparalleled productive speed, as well as creating a strong sense of community within the company’s workforce.

TFM offers the customer the ability to connect by electronic means and to receive assistance remotely for its plant: in this way, the company’s “vertical” style includes buyer’s assistance.

Fruits & vegetable processing — Navatta Group
Navatta operates directly on the national and international markets as a manufacturer and installer of machines and plants for the processing of fruit, vegetables, and tomatoes, with a portfolio of products that make it one of the main reference companies in the sector.

The group produces, installs, and starts up lines, systems, and machines for the processing of peeled/diced/pulp tomatoes, tomato sauces and purees, tomato concentrates with fillings in all types of rigid and flexible containers, and aseptic fillings.

Navatta also delivers patented high-yield plants for the extraction of fruit purees with “cold extraction” technology, aseptic equalization systems for purees/juices, as well as the processing of vegetables through reception, preparation, cooking, grilling, and freezing.

Filling machines — Galdi
Galdi is into the design and building of solutions and services including filling machines for food and beverages.

The company provides value-added solutions for the filling and packaging of milk, dairy products, fruit juices, and liquid eggs in Gable Top cartons. The Gable Top cartons guarantee the maximum attention to food safety.

The client-centered approach oriented towards continuous improvement allows Galdi to constantly expand the resources made available to the customer in order to generate greater value, both in the pre-and post-sales phases.

Packaging solutions — Agripak
This Italian brand provides turnkey solutions in the engineering and manufacturing of machines for reusable and recyclable packaging for fruit, vegetables, food, and logistics.

A global brand with over 70 years of experience, Agripak sells its machinery, downstream plants, auxiliaries, and end-products solutions all over the world, expressly tailoring its high-tech solutions to any customer’s request or production need.

The company focuses strongly on customization, high-standard quality, innovation, productivity, turnkey service, and fast return on investment.

The circular economy concept is well enshrined in its operations; thus, it develops specific materials and machines to reduce the weight of the packages, allows reuse of the packages, and finally recycles them back in the production loop.

Packaging materials—Graziani Roberto e F.lli & C.
Graziani Packaging is the largest Italian manufacturer of packaging materials, specialized in palletization for the logistics and export of fruits and vegetables.

For many decades, this brand has been a reliable and experienced international partner for the security of goods during transportation, working in more than 40 countries worldwide and supplying its innovative high-quality solutions that secure the shipments of fruits and vegetables all over the world.

It is the Italian reference supplier for cardboard corners in many of the major fruit and vegetable exporting countries worldwide.

Its MAGIC CORNERS® is produced with a mix of the best virgin Kraft Liner papers and selected cardboard together with special glues, which allow it to attain the highest resistance on the market.

Graziani operates through a well-structured network of agents and distributors, or directly with prestigious large companies and major brands in the sector.

Packaging solutions—Ilip
Ilip is a member of the ILPA Group, a European leader in the processing and transformation of plastic and bioplastic raw materials.

The company develops and makes available to retailers, foodservice and the fresh produce and food industry, its innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, in thermoformed plastic, bioplastic, and renewable and compostable materials.

The company operates three business units: Food Service Packaging, Fresh Produce Packaging, and Fresh Food Packaging.

The assortment of its fresh produce packaging includes punnets, trays, and fruit nest trays made from plastic and R-PET up to 100 percent specially designed to protect, enhance and preserve the freshness of fruit and vegetables, to meet any need in any situation.

Packaging machines—Laferpack
Lafer Packaging is a leading manufacturer of horizontal packaging machines and complete automatic packaging lines, offering the very best solutions in the packaging of various agro products.

Its quest for quality is driven by its passion for the job, its desire to share knowledge, and the pride of meeting customers’ expectations.

It offers customized solutions to satisfy the needs of that person that will employ it; machines with reduced maintenance time and operating costs; and machines easy and intuitive to be programmed. The rationale behind this is to produce a modern technology that reduces energy consumption without losing sight of the needs of those who will daily use the machines that are built.

All the above companies will showcase their expertise and technologies, as well as explore potential business relationships with Ghanaian agro-related enterprises, during the Ghana-Italy Agribusiness Digital Lab on June 22. It is an opportunity not to be missed by the Ghanaian agribusiness sector.

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