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Kenyan potato farmers need support to reach global market

Kenyan potato farmers need support to fully benefit from the global market. Kenya’s main export commodities are agriculture-based products.

However, most countries and multinationals – especially the European Union – require total compliance with the food quality assurance standards.

Kenyan potato farmers need support to reach global market
Fresh potatoes from Kenya

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Access to these prime export markets depends on Kenya’s capability to continually produce and supply high-quality agricultural products to meet their standards.

Potatoes are the second most important crop in Kenya, after maize and it contributes to food security and economic empowerment.

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Despite its importance, the yields are very low. The average tuber yield is seven tons per hectare (t/ha), yet most fields produce below three tons per hectare.

Potato farmers
Kenyan potato farmers need support to reach global market
Tenfold potato harvest for youth in Meru, Kenya

The yield gap between what is currently produced and what can be produced is greater than 20 tons per hectare.

Economically this translates to more than Sh1 million, per hectare based on the farm price of Sh20-25.

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Kenya has formulated a lot of enforceable standards through public and private agencies.

However, the production system has faced low enforcement at the farm, yet its effectiveness depends on full compliance with the standards.

Despite Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (Kephis) and KALRO producing high-quality certified seeds, its adoption has been low.


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