Lady checks bank account after night out, discovers she’s $49 billion in debt

We’ve all been too afraid to check our bank account after a night out, over fears we spent too much.

One woman decided to be brave and peek at her finances in the early hours of the morning after heading to a bar, only to find she was $49 billion in debt.

Maddie McGivern, thought to be from California, was shown a balance of negative $49,999,999,697.98 via her cell app.

McGivern, who banks with Chase, luckily did have an available balance of $76.28, and the app showed she had spent a much more realistic amount of $681 this week.

Her friend, Gabe Floress, shared a video to TikTok on Sunday morning—presumably after they’d been out on Saturday night—showing the McGivern’s response shortly after discovering the balance.

Floress captioned the video, which has been watched more than 8 million times: “We went out to the bar and Maddie checked her phone when we got home and she’s -$50 billion dollars in debt.”

The footage shows McGivern showing her banking app to her friends, as she yells: “I swear to god it says negative 49 billion. What do I do? Negative 49 billion.”

A follow-up video shares more chaotic scenes, as McGivern continues to exclaim: “I am 50 billion dollars in debt. What do you do when you’re 50 billion dollars in debt.”

McGivern later shared a clip on her own TikTok page, explaining more about the bizarre banking error.

In a video uploaded on Monday, she said: “I wish I could say I bought the city of Los Angeles. It’s not the case here. I’m not really sure what inclined me to check my bank account at like 2am. But I did. And then I saw negative 49 billion. Called my bank, and it went a little something like this.

“‘Hello this is Chase bank how may I help you?’ Hi, I’m negative 50 billion dollars in debt, and I’m not quite sure why.

“Do I have 50 billion dollars? No. I do have $76. So she goes, ‘can I put you on hold?’ I’ve never seen this before. I was like, oh.

“It also said on my account I would get $50 billion in 2099. Which would be sick but I don’t know if I would be alive at that point. Anyway I have to go in to the bank tomorrow to figure it out.”

True to her word she shared another clip after smoothing things over with the bank, where she confirmed she sadly didn’t end up with $49 billion in credit.

In the clip she claimed: “First of all I want to say thank you. I get 50 billion dollars is a little crazy. But we’re here and it’s resolved.

“So Chase started this thing, where if you have a problem with your account, it could be so many different things. You need to change the type of account you have, whatever. They started it this weekend which is why you’re seeing other people have the same problem. So if you have this problem, give them a call.”

“I will say it’s the scary as s*** way to grab someone’s attention. Clearly they do that to grab your attention, because they want you to fix your s***. But it’s fixed and that’s all that matters. So no, I’m not 50 billion dollars in debt anymore, thank God. And unfortunately I wasn’t the person to take on everyone’s student debt, but maybe Jeff Bezos will.”

One person commenting on the original video, joked: “At least you’re the #1 person in the world for debt.” While Oscar advised: “Spend $302.02 to make it 50 billion.”

Anthony James added: “At least she has $76 left in the other account.”

While Jess wrote: “This is where Biden getting the student loan money from.”

A spokesperson for Chase bank confirmed the astronomical amount was due to a “technical glitch.”

They told Newsweek: “We had a technical glitch over the weekend impacting a limited number of accounts. The issue has been resolved and those accounts are now showing accurate balances.”

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