Livestock slaughtered in an inhumane manner not fit for consumption – Prof. Hagan

A Professor at the Department of Animal Science of the University of Cape Coast, Professor Julius Hagan, has said that meat products from animals that have been killed in a very inhumane manner, are not good for consumption.

Professor Hagan said this while moderating an Open Forum in the ongoing Ghana Society for Animal Production (GSAP) and the Ghana Animal Science Association (GASA) Joint Conference at the University for Development Studies.

According to the Professor, he does not eat meat killed and processed outside the University of Cape Coast (UCC) Meat Processing Unit due to the aforementioned reason.

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He said their unit ensures that animals are transported well and killed decently before they are processed and sold for human consumption.

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He said they also took it upon themselves to train those at the abattoir on the appropriate way of slaughtering animals.

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He also notified the Ministry of Food and Agriculture that his department at UCC is breeding a new breed of local rabbit at the University to promote the consumption of improved local breeds.

Elaborating on why animals should not be slaughtered right after they are stressed, Dr. Moses Teye said during that long fatigue, animals tend to produce more glycogen to suppress the pain they’re subjected to.

In this instance, when livestock are killed instantly blood will remain in the muscles and due to that, quality of the meat will be affected.

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In cases of injuries, spots of the injury will cause blood to coagulate and tend to make the carcass dark and not attractive. This, he said is not good.

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Cross-section of members of the UCC animal science dept. at the conference

Representative of the Minister for Food and Agriculture, Mr. Jonas also lamented on how animals are transported and their influence on meat quality.

Rev. Dr. Richard Osei-Amponsah also said the lack of animal rights activists in the country is why people are not heeding to it.

He said had the country had these activists, many animal processors would have been in trouble.

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