Lillian Lamptey
Lillian Lamptey

Meet Lillian Lamptey, a lecturer and CEO of El-Reign clothing

Lillian Lamptey is a lecturer, CEO of El-Reign clothing, and certified fashion designer with many years of experience in the fashion industry.

She is a highly motivated and energetic person with proven abilities to develop positive relationships with people from diverse communities and the world as a whole.

Lillian grew up in Latebiorkorshie, a suburb of Accra. Growing up, she had to fight her way through to reach her ultimate goal of becoming a renowned Fashion Designer and Academician.

Lillian did not have it easy pertaining to some successful people in the world. She had to overcome financial and social difficulties at some point in her life to be able to complete her education – from undergraduate to postgraduate level.

She holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Clothing and Textiles from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

In addition, she has a professional certificate in Clothing and Textiles from Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design.

Ms. Lamptey is currently a fashion lecturer at the Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

Lillian has won many awards in the fashion space including,

  • the Best Student for Clothing and Textiles in the West African Secondary Examination (WASSCE) at St. Johns Grammar School,
  • the Antiwaa’s Love Award for the most patient committed, and loving employee.
Lillian Lamptey, El-Reign clothing
Lillian Lamptey, CEO of El-Reign clothing

Again, she participated in the 2019 fashion competition organized by Joyce Ababio College of Creative Designs under the sponsorship of the GTP/ Vlisco textile industry which gave her wider experience and skills.

Lilian was also the Executive Director at Tender Sprout International School, Accra for 4-year.

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Lillian served as a Teaching Assistant at Joyce Ababio College of Creative Designs and Department of Vocational and Technical Education, University of Cape Coast.

She assisted tutors and lecturers in their instructions as well as helped students during practical lessons to improve their skills.

Lillian is committed, business-oriented, open, and ready to offer high-end, intricate designs to her clients both internally and externally.

Through hard work and determination, Lillian now has her own fashion brand called EL-Reign Clothing and also lectures at a university.

Lillian Lamptey
Lillian Lamptey

Lillian Lamptey and El-Reign clothing

El-Reign clothing is a fashion design house envisioned and managed by fashion designer Ms. Lillian Lamptey.

It was founded in 2020 with the goal of offering originality, exclusive and feminine styles for the fashion-conscious women of today.

EL-Reign Clothing is a female label, offering high-end quality designed clothing at affordable prices.

Each garment is constructed with the finest attention to detail and customised garments to fit the needs of our clientele.

EL-Reign Clothing creates and retails custom designs for original ladies’ fashion, special occasions, and evening wear.

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El-Reign positions itself as a luxury design for anyone in the world who is hip, upwardly mobile, and who wants to explore and keep up with the latest fashion trends.

El-Reign Clothing aims to grow into a fashion powerhouse offering, viable intricate and unique designs to a niche market competition.

The creation of each garment offers a new look based on simplicity, individuality, romance, and unique femininity. Each piece of garment made expresses unique femininity, merged with African culture and influenced by nature, people, culture, history, and romance.

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The mission statement of El-Reign Clothings is to satisfy their clients’ interest by means of quality pattern design and garment making, fair pricing, and other wide range of service delivery.

EL-Reign Clothing aims to serve as a brand that makes sense in 21st-century fashion while maintaining feminine edginess and providing unique craftsmanship.

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The overriding vision of EL-Reign-Clothing is to grow into a reputable fashion house offering high-end, intricate designs to a niche market at lower prices than the competition that offers similar garments.

Below are some beautiful designs by Ms Lillian Lamptey.

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