onion prices, Ukrainian onion growers, onion growers, onion imports

Onion prices in Ukraine drop due to imports

Experts of EastFruit report that Ukrainian onion growers are forced to reduce their onion prices.

According to them, the reason for this price trend was the increase in the supply of oniοns on the market, caused by increased onion imports from Poland and the Netherlands.

Onion prices drop

As a result, today onions from local farms are offered at 10-14 UAH/kg ($0.34-0.48/kg), which is on average 14% cheaper than at the end of the last workweek.

At the same time, most market operators note that almost 80% of oniοns on the domestic market of the country are imported.

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The reason is that the main stocks of oniοns are currently concentrated in the southern regions of the country, which, due to constant hostilities, cannot ship to other regions.

Onion prices, Ukrainian onion growers, Onion imports, onion growers
Onion | Photo credit: shutterstock

Meanwhile, according to the growers themselves, the quality of oniοns in storage continues to deteriorate rapidly, which, in turn, may lead to a further decrease in selling prices in the segment.

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Despite the reduction in the price of oniοns, today they cost on average 2.9 times more than in the same period last year in Ukraine.

Key market players explain such a price difference by a break in supply chains in most of the country, which greatly complicates the supply of both local and imported oniοns.

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