Cocoa farmers

Pay cocoa farmers not less than GH¢13K per ton for 2022/23 season – GCPP advocates

In order to improve cocoa farmers’ purchasing power, the Ghana Civil-Society Cocoa Platform (GCCP) is demanding a minimum of 15-20 per cent increment in the farm gate price of cocoa for the 2022/2023 cocoa season.

The platform said it arrived at this expectation by taking note of all the challenges posed by the unstable Ghanaian cedi, the threat posed by mining, and most importantly the need for farmers to be paid adequate and commensurate prices for their efforts.

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According to GCCP, cocoa farmers and landowners are giving away their lands to miners for galamsey for one reason – money.

“They do not feel that their efforts and toils are properly and fairly being compensated hence the alternative (even if not the best of decisions) is to cash in and move out of the cocoa space.

This is predominantly due to the uncompetitive cocoa prices on the international market which is reflecting in the pockets of ordinary cocoa farmers in Ghana,” GCCP said in a statement.

Cocoa farmers

The solution, according to them is to make the cocoa industry competitive by increasing the farm gate price to levels that are commensurate with the work farmers put into producing cocoa beans.

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Taking into consideration the free fall of the cedi against the dollar and the current economic conundrum, GCCP said it is expecting cocoa farmers to receive not less than GHS13,413 per tonne of cocoa beans which should translate into minimum GHS838 per bag of cocoa beans.

Nectar2Honey solutions, Man falls from Tamale interchange

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