We need to check Sarkodie’s mental health- Top Nigerian YouTuber says [Watch]

A mainstream YouYuber from Nigeria, Tobe has called for the examination of Sarkodie’s mental faculties to see what it constitutes owing to his ingenuity and dexterity.

Tobe made the statement during a podcast with two other pundits from Nigeria and Ghana while they were pitching him up with Nigeria’s MI Abaga in a ‘Versus.’


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Tobe blurted out, albeit on a lighter note with an element of eulogy saying; ‘Sarkodie, we don’t know you, and you also don’t know us. Please if you are watching us, we need only 5 minutes interview with you, we want to know what goes into your mind when rapping, we want to check your mental health.’

The discussion also saw another Nigerian pundit called Kelly and a Ghanaian, Kojo comparing and contrasting Sarkodie and Nigeria’s MI Abaga in a ‘Versus’ challenge.

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Watch the full video below;

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