Two guys sipping alcohol

Two guys caught on camera secretly sipping alcoholic bitters in church during service [Watch]

There are a lot of behaviors that are prohibited by most churches in Africa and even across the world. Some of these behaviors are members who take in alcoholic drinks before going to church.

It becomes very strange when church members discover that some people are bold to take in alcoholic drinks while church service is ongoing.

Two guys sipping alcohol

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However, what these two guys were caught doing was quite strange. Watching the video carefully, you can see two guys sitting in a church secretly drinking alcohol.

These two guys have used papers to cover the bottle containing the alcoholic drink. This way the church members sitting close to them will think that they are drinking water or non-alcoholic drink, meanwhile, they are drinking alcohol. Before they will drink, they will watch side and side to see if someone has noticed what they are drinking.

If you look closely at the video, the man of God was overheard preaching the word of God while these guys hide the alcoholic drink in paper and sip.

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Meaning the message being delivered by the man of God is useless to them. They are so addicted to alcoholic drinks that they couldn’t even wait till the church closes.

Watch the video below;

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