AgroVolta, papaya, mangoes

“We are working on opening new markets for mangoes and papayas from Ghana, Senegal and Cote d’Ivoire”- AgroVolta

Led by Spanish entrepreneur Daniel Marqués, AgroVolta has become a specialist in supporting the food production chain in West Africa through agricultural advice and the supply of agricultural material and equipment.

AgroVolta, papaya, mangoes
Daniel Marqués

“In 2018, I had the opportunity to undertake agricultural consulting in Ghana together with my partner Emmanuel T. Kalala, whom I met several years earlier when I was working on a construction related project in Africa,” says Daniel.

“Since then, every year I have attended the Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Event in Tamale, organized by Agrihouse Foundation, expanding my activity not only in Ghana, but extending it also to Senegal, where I have been present at Siagro, and to Cote d’Ivoire.”

AgroVolta, papaya, mangoes
Daniel at the Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Event.

“In this last year, AgrοVolta has also undertaken a new project together with several customers for the marketing of mangoes and papayas, so at the moment I am working to facilitate the opening of new markets for these fruits.”

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Together with papayas, mangοes are, in fact, an interesting product, given their added value in these tropical countries. In Ghana, there is actually even a Mango Week Fair.

Mango Week Fair.

“We grow Kent and Keitt mangοes that we have started shipping to the European market and the UK. This year, there have been some problems in Senegal with the fruit setting, but despite this, we have the capacity to start shipping a container every week.”

“The lack of infrastructure in Africa is one of the biggest problems we face to maintain the high quality standards demanded by the European market, but we have the advantage of proximity to the continent.

“A container shipped from Senegal, for example, only takes 4 days to reach Europe, so fruit with a higher degree of ripeness can be shipped, which means more sweetness and flavor.”

AgroVolta, mangoes, papayas
Daniel Marqués of AgroVolta

“Together with another of the partners that AgroVolta provides advice to from Ghana, Hendy Farms, dedicated to the production of mango jams of different flavors, we will also develop a mango dehydration project in order to add value to the fruit we produce.”

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They were present at the latest edition of Fruit Logistica 2022, where they showcased the mangoes and papayas produced in Africa at their own stand in the Africa pavilion.

AgroVolta, papaya, mangoes

AgroVolta, whose name derives from that of the country’s largest river, the Volta, carries out work that transcends its own agricultural origins.

“One of the most important objectives of our activities in all the countries where we work in West Africa is social work. With the projects we are carrying out, we aim to provide knowledge through technical advice and give economic power to the agricultural producers in the area, who will in turn create new jobs and contribute to developing the economy of their communities.”

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