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We’re running three different export programmes concurrently – Exporters

Fig, grape and apple seasons keep Turkish exports very busy
Fig, grape and apple seasons keep Turkish exports very busy

For exporters in Turkey who deal with multiple fruits at the same time, sometimes things can get pretty hectic. According to one Turkish exporter, they are currently dealing with three different products simultaneously.

Luckily, it isn’t all done by a single team. Each region has its own team, handling their separate responsibilities.

For Ani Tarim it’s a busy time of the year, says Mehmet Cakmak, sales and marketing manager for the Turkish fresh produce exporter.

“At the moment, we’re running three different export programs concurrently; the Bursa black fig, table grape, and apple are all ongoing. All programmes are operated in different places by different teams that exist within our company,” Ani explains.


The volumes for the figs were high when the season started, leading to lower buying prices for the company.

“Bursa black figs are grown in the Bursa region of Turkey and we pack the fruits in our facility there. This season started with a great boom in terms of volume, especially in the first two weeks of the season, weeks 34 and 35. During this time we had normal demand from Europe, the market to which we mainly export our figs to,” Cakmak states.

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“The high supply caused a significant fall in the procurement prices, but nowadays the demand and supply ratios have returned to normal levels and are in balance again. It’s expected that the total production volume of black figs in the Bursa region will be higher than the previous season and the season should last until late October.”

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While the Bursa region is focusing on figs, another team of Ani Tarim is currently dealing with the grape season, Cakmak says: “Our table grapes are packed in Alaşehir, which can be called the hometown of seedless table grapes in Turkey.

“We provide Sultana Seedless, Crimson Seedless, Red Globe, and Antep black varieties to our customers. These grapes are cultivated in the Alaşehir region mostly, but they’re from the Sarıgöl and Denizli regions as well.”


Thirdly and finally, Ani Tarim’s apples are stored and packed in Eğirdir-Isparta, a place particularly well-known for its red apples in Turkey, Cakmak says: “This is also the location of our headquarters and main packhouses.

“Currently we pack only Gala variety but we will also start packing Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith varieties as soon as the harvest of these varieties kick-off in the region in the upcoming 10 days. We are expecting a satisfying apple season in terms of high quality and volume.”

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“Meanwhile, we continue to promote our name and brand via international events too. As Anı Tarım Fresh Fruits, we are going to attend the Annapoorna-Anufood Fair which will be held from 14-16 September 2022 in Mumbai, India.

“We aim to meet new buyers, who are interested in apples and cherries from Turkey, as well as coming together with our Indian partners there.

“Furthermore, we’re also going to be at Asia Fruit Logistica, which is going to take place between 4 and 6 November in Bangkok, Thailand. Through these events, we hope to enlarge our export portfolio, solidify our cooperations with the current partners and keep introducing the qualified Turkish fruits in the Asian markets.”

Nectar2Honey solutions, exporters, Bursa black figs, grape, apple

For more information:
Mehmet Çakmak
Anı Tarım Fresh Fruit Ltd.Co.
Mob.: +90 539 850 30 32
Email: marketing@anitarim.com.tr

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