Western Cape Agriculture, SA hosts vaccination outreach to agricultural workers

The Western Cape Department of Agriculture‘s research farm, Elsenburg, hosted a vaccination outreach to agri-workers on the farm and from surrounding areas.

The Cape Winelands District Health initiative resulted in 328 agri-workers and 94 qualifying staff members lining up for their Covid-19 vaccination.

Commenting on the outreach, Western Cape Minister of Agriculture, Dr Ivan Meyer said: “Today’s outreach is primarily targeted at our agri-workers, farmers and producers.”

Dr Meyer said it was vital that we encourage people to vaccinate against the virus.

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Food value chain in the Western Cape

“I am pleased to observe the vaccination of agri-workers, producers and staff at our research farm, Elsenburg.

“Our agri-workers and our farmers in the vicinity are here to get vaccinated, and it is fantastic to see them respond so enthusiastically to our call for them to get vaccinated.”

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Meyer continues: “Our agri-workers play an essential role in the food value chain in the Western Cape. We must therefore encourage as many people as possible to get vaccinated.”

“Today, we took another step closer towards achieving herd immunity. Every step towards achieving herd immunity is a step towards saving lives and livelihoods,” concludes Meyer.

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