onion prices, Moldovan onions

Wholesale prices for Moldovan onions are growing due to exports to Ukraine

Wholesale prices for Moldovan onions are growing due to exports to Ukraine. A dynamic growth in wholesale prices for yellow onions of the new crop has been observed on the Moldovan market since the end of March.

By mid-August, the average price stabilized at 8 MDL/kg ($0.41/kg), but high-quality onions from wholesale traders can cost 8.5-9 MDL/kg ($0.44-0.47/kg), EastFruit analysts report.

The offer prices even for low-quality oniοns (small or with soil stuck after rains), do not fall below 7 MDL/kg ($0.36/kg).

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The average wholesale price for onions in Moldova in the same period of 2021 was half as much, both in lei and in dollars – 4 MDL/kg, about $0.23/kg. The current level of onion prices on the Moldovan market is the highest in the last five years.

Therefore, market experts recommend that growers sell oniοns to traders as long as the wholesale price for oniοns not suitable for long-term storage is higher than or equal to 7 MDL/kg without transportation costs.

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onion prices, Moldovan onions

At the same time, the demand for Moldovan onions of different quality from traders is high and there are no signs of its decline yet.

The bulk of the goods is exported to neighbouring regions of Ukraine, where, judging by EastFruit price monitoring, wholesale oniοns cost almost 30% more.

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Participants in the fruit and vegetable market in Moldova believe that wholesale prices for oniοns will remain at the current level at least until the end of summer.

Then the price increase is likely to continue, especially in their average and maximum range. Domestic demand will provide the greatest support in autumn.

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Among other things, it will be fueled, firstly, by information about low yields, and secondly, by confirmed forecasts on the total area of ​​oniοn crops for the 2022 harvest in the country falling below last year’s level (about 1 500 ha).


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