Yahoo boys spotted “praying

Strange as Yahoo boys spotted “praying” for blessings at shrine [Watch]

In a surprising twist of event, some yahoo boys in Edo State have been caught on camera praying to at a shrine for more blessings.

The ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ industry, also classified as cyber fraud under Nigerian law, is not a new problem in the country.

Yahoo boys spotted “praying

The illegal activity, which is largely carried out by young men and women, is an evolution of the 1980s and 1990s’ so-called ‘419’ venture.

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The 419 code is based on Section 419 (Advance Free Fraud) of the country’s Criminal Act, which prohibits acquiring money from people via deception or misrepresentation, deceit, fabrication, forgery, forgery, or dishonest representation of facts.

Despite the government’s efforts to halt the stream of the criminality that has earned the country a terrible name, Internet fraud has been there for decades and does not appear to be reducing.

The boys in the video did not care about a thing in the world when they were seen praying for blessings.

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Watch the video below;

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